giles thomas
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1948, European, born in London, England.
Educated in France and England, BA. hons. Chelsea.
Living and working in Antwerp, Belgium since 1992.

Developing the Icianvers project with Patries wichers and Fehmi Kaijtazi
Building new studio

Q-O2, Brussel. performance of 'Redlight' composer = Kurt Du Tre.
Thomas-Wichers site launched
Urbo an experimental dance music project.

Founded Ketok with Patries Wichers.
Participant in Levka Ori by Kurt Du Tre, Logos Gent.
Participant in Mantra by Kurt Du Tre, Anderlecht Academy of Fine Art.

Performances with Patries Wichers as Piek and Flap -
Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA.
Perishable Theatre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Participatant in Error#4 project, Antwerp.
Initiated Huyswerk a monthly music project.
Initiated Xtempor, a music forum.
Recording and production of Under A Stream Of Nitrogen, Dry Speed.

2007 - 1998 - Bateau Lavoir performances:
Scheldeapen, Antwerpen.
Ateliers Mommen, Brussel.
F#, Brussel.
Rode 7, Antwerp, with André Goudbeek
Igbo New Yam festival, Antwerp.
With Archie Shepp and Kahil el Zabar, Schouwburg, Kortrijk, Belgium.
With André Goudbeek, Factor 44, Antwerp.
With Kahil El Zabar, Billy Bang, Hamiet Bluiett, Monty, Antwerp
With Archie Shepp; Monty, Antwerp and Zaal Belgie, Hasselt.
Blue Loft, Breda with Markus Hansen – video.
With Anne Bean at Transit Space for the London Biennale.
De Nachten, De Singel Antwerp.
Bonnefante Museum, Maastricht.
Tarrytown Hilton, New York, USA.
Cine Nova, Brussel.
Tijdelijke Halte’ N.O.A., Antwerp.
ICC, Anwerp.
Faces, Antwerp.

Installation of Bateau Lavoir studio, Antwerp.
Recording and production of André Goudbeek, solo Bandoneon.
Recording project with the Igbo Union of Belgium to make a record of thier traditional social music.

Solo performance; CC Strombeek, Brussels.
Recording session with Bateau Lavoir and André Goudbeek.

Founding of the Bateau Lavoir label.
Lowlands distribution take Bateau Lavoir records.

Bateau Lavoir curates 'Chance' for Zaal Belgie, Hasselt, featuring Phill Niblock, Achim Wollschieid, Art Clay, Stevie Wishart.

Bateau Lavoir curates Rammattuti for the Monty, Antwerp, hosting Cel Crabeels, Anne Bean, Christophe Boutin, Hans Theys, Angel Vergara.

Performance with Luc Mishalle supporting the occupation of the ICC, Antwerp.
Founding of Bateau Lavoir with Patries Wichers, Christophe Albertijn, Thomas Campaert and Olivier Debacke.

1997 - 1993
Vinyl Dumbelles: Patries Wichers, Willem Jan Neutelings, Jan Moens. Giles Thomas.
Performances -
Vera Van Laer gallery, Antwerp.
Montivideo, Antwerp.
Berlage Institute, Amsterdam.
Universiteit, Gent.
Live Life, Musee D'Art Contemporain De La Ville Paris.
ICC Antwerp.
International Schippers School, Brussels.

1987 - 89
Private study period; traditional jazz harmony.
Classic jazz trio, England.

1980 - 83
Dog Music; with Bob Thompson. London, England.
Released IDM (improvised dance music) on Dog Music label.

1974 - 80
Member of Absolutely Furious and Bongo Fury; with Anne Bean and Paul Burwell.
Project with Michael Nyman, contemporary dance music. Goldsmiths College, London.

Member of Semi Human; London Film School.

1971 - 72
Co founder with David Bowie and Mick Weller of the Beckenham Arts Lab, England.
Participant in free improv series at the Little Theatre, London.

1978 - 94
A long term series of collaborations with performance artist Anne Bean.
Midland Gallery, Nottingham.
Zap Club Brighton.
Acme Gallery, London.
Galerie Defet, Nuremberg.
Chateau Courrance, Paris.

Cabaret work accompanying singer Jacky Davy.
Club Heaven, London.
Camden Palace, London.